Wanted: Barn seeking TV fame
    A casting call has been put out for old barns.
    Coca-Cola is searching for an old, vintage barn surrounded by wheat fields to be featured in an upcoming commercial. New York City-based director Zach Lowry wants to shoot the commercial in Kansas in May or June.
    The preference is for a wooden barn. Red is the first choice, but it could be any color or unpainted. A wooden roof and a weathered look are preferred. The barn should be right beside or surrounded by a wheat field.
    In addition, the barn should be at least 30 feet by 30 feet wide inside, or wide enough to fit a 1965 Mustang diagonally. The ceilings should be 20 feet high or higher.
    One final qualification – the barn should have windows and slits in the side of the barn for light rays to poke through.
    If you have a barn you think fits the bill (and you’re not a diehard “Pepsi-only” drinker), contact Lowry by email at za.lowry@gmail.com or call 610-710-5245. You are encouraged to send pictures of the barn, including its interior and its proximity to the field.

Who has the neatest barns?

    Coca-Cola’s casting call for a barn to star in an upcoming commercial got us at the Star-Argosy thinking about some of the neat barns in our area.
    To that end, we’d like for you to share photos of your barns with us, even if your barn is not auditioning for Coke’s TV spot. We’d like to create an online photo album showcasing our area barns, and maybe tell some interesting stories about the barns.
    Share your barn photos by emailing us at news@tsnews.com, or post a photo on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/starargosy. And if there is an interesting story behind your barn (or up in the hay loft), be sure to share that with us, too.