Medford earthquake shakes the area

By Travis Mounts

The trend of Midwestern earthquakes shaking the area continued on Monday night, with a 4.3 quake that hit at 9:47 p.m. near Medford, Okla. Unlike most of the smaller quakes that are noticed just in the local vicinity, this one was felt throughout our area as well as in Dodge City, Wichita, up to Emporia, and south in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. A 3.0 at nearly the same spot on Monday evening didn’t garner nearly the same attention.

Residents around Argonia felt another quake on Saturday as a 3.0 temblor struck south of town near Argonia Road and K-44 Highway. Quakes in Sumner and Harper counties have become regular occurrences, sometimes with two or three striking in a week.

Julia Beadles said on the Star-Argosy’s Facebook page that she felt it in Park City, adding “I don’t think this is what Carole King had in mind,” a reference to the song “I Feel the Earth Move (Under My Feet).”

Haysville Sun-Times reader Connie Osterman-Dunn said she felt it at 71st and Grand in the heart of Haysville.
The United States Geological Survey said it received reports on the quake from Argonia, Cheney, Clearwater, Conway Springs, Garden Plain, Goddard, Haysville and Wichita.

Southern Kansas has been feeling earthquakes from both Kansas and Oklahoma. This year Oklahoma has recorded many more earthquakes than California.

A new study links the increase in Oklahoma earthquakes to hydraulic fracturing or “fracking,” a horizontal drilling technique. A Kansas study is under way. One expert told Times-Sentinel Newspapers earlier this year that the increase could be tied to fracking as well as underground disposal wells used in both fracking and conventional drilling, although he said at the time more study was needed.