City needs ambulance help

By Amy Houston

The Conway Springs recycling center will close Friday, Aug. 1, thanks to a split vote by the city council.
City Administrator Kathy Barkley pointed out that Waste Connections, which provides trash service in Conway Springs, already picks up materials for recycling.

“We currently offer curbside recycling to our residents – a single stream,” she said.

However, she added that the reason Conway Springs won’t use its recycling center for most materials is that Sunflower Resource Conservation & Development Area no longer pays for them. She said the items to be recycled were transported to Harper.

The recycling center, located at 115 N. Fourth St., will still accept cardboard and it may be used to store the city’s maintenance equipment. Barkley said it was important to businesses, especially those that used considerable cardboard like a grocery store and liquor store, to maintain cardboard recycling.

“We’ll still haul that as a service to the community,” Barkley remarked.

She said the cardboard would be baled and sent to the Sunflower Resource Conservation & Development Area in Harper.

“We won’t be reimbursed anything,” Barkley explained, “but we felt like that was still a large value to our businesses.”

Recycling days were on the first and third Saturdays of each month. Waste Connections picks up items for recycling every other Friday.