Tornados, large hail possible Tuesday

A significant severe weather day is expected on Tuesday with an outbreak of severe storms possible, according to the National Weather Service.

Supercell storms capable of producing long track tornadoes and destructive hail up to baseball size will be possible across much of central and eastern Kansas, especially from the afternoon through about midnight.

Authorities are encouraging you to be prepared and review your severe weather safety plans ahead of time.

The Sedgwick County Emergency Management office has information to help you make a family emergency supply kit. Your kit should include important documents, medications, food and water, clothing and bedding, certain tools and supplies, and a first aid kit. For more information, visit

You should also make a plan to help keep track of family members in any emergency. See more information here:

Times-Sentinel Newspapers will share updates as much as possible. During a storm, the fastest and most accurate information can be found on a NOAA Weather Alert Radio or by tuning in to local television and radio stations that track weather full-time.