Dads and daughters brave weather for date night
Sgt. Jeremy Wille dances with his daughter, Mariah (in glasses) and her friend, Lileah Villa. Photos by Cathy Hurley

By Cathy Hurley
    A winter storm was moving into the area but nothing was going to stop a gathering of fathers and daughters from spending an evening together.
    Arriving in cars, trucks and limousines, 211 people – of which 121 were girls – were all dressed in their finest and ready to participate in the Haysville Activity Center’s 15th annual daddy-daughter date night. HAC director Georgie Carter said this year’s crowd was the largest, and every year has featured at least 50 pairs.
    Each girl picked up the goodie bag with their name on it, and then fathers and daughters lined up outside the photographer’s room for a picture to commemorate this special moment in time. The theme was Princess Ball. Carter, HAC program director Kelsey Blue and other helpers had embellished the hall with decorations. The food spread was eagerly consumed, music was playing and dancing took place to tunes such as “The Hokey Pokey” and the recent craze “Gangnam Style.” It’s not clear who was having more fun, but was clear who lasted the longest (daughters) on the dance floor.
Joe Nellis, left, enjoys the evening with his daughter Leah.