Edwards' residency objection is denied
Challenger Whitmer can stay in race for 93rd

This June 5 print edition includes a story involving the race in the 93rd Kansas House District. The incumbent, Rep. George "Joe" Edwards (R-Haysville) filed an objection to the candidacy of John Whitmer (R-Wichita) challenging his residency in the district. Thursday morning the State Objections Board denied Edwards' objection, confirming Whitmer's candidacy. A written determination will be forthcoming in the next week.

Following is the story from the print edition of the Haysville Sun-Times.

Edwards formally questions challenger’s residency in 93rd

By Paul Rhodes

Rep. Joe Edwards, R-Haysville, has formally questioned his challenger’s residency in the 93rd House District.

John Whitmer, a Republican who plans to challenge Edwards in the August Primary, said the concern about his residency in the 93rd District is a “moot point.” Whitmer said he has been building a new home near 135th and Pawnee for the past year, and has been living in the home for a month now.

Edwards, who was elected to represent the 93rd District in the Kansas House of Representatives two years ago, said an occupancy permit for the home had not been issued as of late last week when Whitmer filed for office. Edwards has filed a formal objection with the Kansas Secretary of State’s office, and he said a hearing on the residency issue has been set for this Thursday morning.

“How can you live where there is not an occupancy permit issued?” asked Edwards. Whitmer said the answer, while a little complicated, is pretty clear: He, not the contractor working on the home, owns the property, and an occupancy permit was not needed for he and his family to move in to the home several weeks ago.

“I don’t have a lawn or a fence yet, but that’s about it,” said Whitmer. “We’ve already closed on the house, and Joe (Edwards) has been by the house and seen us living there.”

Whitmer said he previously lived in the Riverside area of Wichita, and still owns a home there that he plans to rent out. He works for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Wichita.