Former HMS librarian publishes first book

Ernie Miller held a book signing at the Haysville Community Library. He published his first book “A Hole in My World,” last August.
By Jen Bookhout
    Former Haysville Middle School librarian Ernie Miller published his first book, “A Hole in My World” last August. On March 22, he held a book signing at the Haysville Community Library.
    Miller’s book is a memoir, telling the story of his life from when he was a child until he came to work at the middle school, he explained. It took nearly 20 years to complete the project.
    “It wasn’t something I did all at once; it was in pieces as I went along, so it’s kind of hard to say how long I actually spent on it,” Miller said.
    Miller grew up in Greenwood County near Eureka, where many of the stories in his book take place. He got his bachelor’s degree from Friends University and his master’s from Emporia State. Drawing from journal entries and notes, he pieced together his memoir encompassing the first 39 years of his life, Miller explained.
    “I kept a lot of notes over the last 20 years, I guess,” he said. “It started out more like a hobby.”
    Miller had the book printed through a private publisher rather than going through a publishing company. The printer did nice work on his book, he said. Miller, the former librarian, is now an author himself, but life hasn’t changed much for him.
    “I don’t feel any different,” he said with a laugh.
    As a self-published author, Miller has learned a few tricks. The most important thing is to write what you know and have experienced, he said.
    “Another thing, I would tell them to keep notes along the way because when you get old your memory’s not as good,” Miller said with a laugh.
    Miller was the Haysville Middle School librarian for 26 years. He retired in 1994, and moved with his wife to Shawnee, Kan. to live with family in 2001.
    Copies of “A Hole in My World” are available at the Haysville Community Library.