CHS ‘Stampedes’ Haysville for project graduation
By Jen Bookhout
    The Sun-Times incorrectly identified the details of the Campus High School Project Graduation fundraiser in last week’s edition.
    The CHS Project Graduation team is raising money for Project Graduation, not After Prom as initially stated. Project Graduation is a free celebration offered to graduating seniors on the night of graduation.
    Students will attend a lock-in at CHS from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. following graduation. Parents plan and fund the festivities to help ensure a safe, drug and alcohol-free environment for the seniors.
    This year, Project Graduation has started a new fundraiser they are calling “stampeding.” The committee places “Campus Colts” signs in the yard of an unsuspecting community member. Once an individual has been “stampeded,” they have three options for the removal of the signs. A donation of $20 ensures the signs are removed as soon as possible, a donation of $25 provides that the signs be moved to a requested yard, and if an individual would rather not donate, the signs will be removed from the yard after four days.
    All proceeds from the fundraiser will go directly to Project Graduation to help fund activities for the students, as well as supplying door prizes, food, drinks and other entertainment.
    The group started taking requests in the middle of February, and plans to keep the fundraiser going through the end of April. Additionally, Project Graduation plans to hold a burger eating contest at Mooyah’s Hamburger in Wichita on March 9, 6:30 p.m. Later in the year, on May 10, they will host the Senior Breakfast for the Haysville Community with Chris Cakes at Campus High School, 7:30 a.m.-noon.
    For more information on the fundraisers, or to make a donation to Project Graduation, call Rhonda Townson at 316-304-2446, or Heather Hernandez at 316-250-2565, or send an email to