This map shows upcoming street construction in Haysville.
More streets to get repaired

The City of Haysville’s 2014 street maintenance schedule contains more projects than in years past. The list contains almost 12 miles of streets, which equates to nearly 28 percent of Haysville’s total street miles.

The total cost for the 2014 maintenance schedule is $242,621.73. The ability to take on an increased number of street improvement projects is due, in part, to an anticipated increase in funds from the recently approved 1 percent sales tax, which became effective on July 1.

“In recent budget discussions, Haysville City Council has remained firm in its resolve to allocate the majority of those anticipated funds toward street maintenance projects,” said Ginger Cullen, administrative secretary.
The maintenance schedule includes two types of road maintenance techniques: Reclamite street rejuvenation and slurry seal street rehabilitation.

Reclamite is a preservative seal that penetrates the existing pavement and binds itself to the asphalt, rejuvenating the road surface and extending the life of the existing roadway. Black said this preservation technique is a cost-effective method, which can delay and even reverse premature aging. It is, however, only used on streets with minimal damage. Streets on deck for Reclamite treatment include Alexander Drive, Lamar Avenue, South Marlen Drive, Kay Avenue and others, and have a total price tag of $103,900.54.

Slurry seals are used for streets that have more extensive damage. The slurry is made up of both asphalt and aggregate and is effective at filling larger cracks and crevices than the Reclamite treatment is able to repair. Streets on the slurry seal list include Nelson Avenue, Spencer Drive, Wire Avenue, Fager Drive and others. The cost for slurry seal repairs $138,721.19.