Medical coding business opens up in Clearwater
Hayley (Stevens) Bieker (with scissors) is joined by employees and members of the Clearwater Chamber of Commerce at Monday’s ribbon cutting for Full Code CDI. The business opened on Feb. 17, and performs medical coding. Staff photo/Anne Tjaden

By Jen Bookhout
    Clearwater resident Hayley Bieker has been in the medical coding business for 13 years. For the last five years she has traveled around the country as a consultant for hospitals, teaching coding to the employees.
    On Feb. 17, Bieker opened Full Code CDI, her own medical coding company in Clearwater. She began teaching classes on coding last year, and employs six of her former students on a full-time basis at Full Code CDI.
    “I’ve always wanted to help people who wouldn’t necessarily have the opportunity to have an education, or who were looking for a career change,” Bieker said.
    Her goal has been three-fold. She began the process of opening her own business by offering the coding classes in April 2012. Opening the center in Clearwater is the second step in her process. The third tier of her efforts is teaching clinical documentation implementation, meaning she educates physicians on documenting patient care in a manner that translates into coded language.
    Bieker still travels the country teaching clinical documentation improvement, and doesn’t work full-time for her own business yet.
    “I hope to someday be full-time for my own company,” she said with a laugh.
    Her six full-time employees have a contract with a California hospital, coding their medical records. Bieker hopes to expand the business over time. She has 12 remaining students from last year’s class who are not working for her yet.
    “We are hoping to get those 12 people to work this year,” Bieker said.
    In addition to the six employees, Bieker has the help of Tina Jones, her operating officer, and husband Jim Bieker, the chief financial officer, to keep things running smoothly as she continues to travel.
    Bieker has developed a trademark clinical documentation improvement method called EverNorth CDI that she hopes to implement in hospitals around the country. But the most immediate goal is bringing work to the remaining 12 students.
    “As a company in Clearwater, we want to support the community and grow in the community,” Bieker said. “We hope it can bring jobs to Clearwater.”
    The Chamber of Commerce joined Bieker at Full Code CDI for the company’s ribbon cutting Monday at noon. The business opened full-time on Monday, Feb. 17.
    “I want to continue to educate people,” Bieker said. “I always want to have an impact.”